10 Feb 2022

Arguably some of the most stressful experiences in life – Dating…and finding a job. We found that the principles of the match-making process are pretty much the same, who knew?! So, we thought we’d share the similarities between the dating and recruitment process, with a few little tips to help give your job-search that Stopgap spark! 


Step 1 – Putting yourself out there. 


Just like someone will put themselves on a dating site, active candidates start to hunt for jobs, through LinkedIn, a Job Site, or someone like us…a recruitment agency! First impressions count, so just as you’d make an ‘ideal’ profile, you make a stand-out CV. 



Step 2 – Find that spark. 


Swiping through profiles, and job advertisements, you’re looking for someone or somewhere with a similar personality or work culture, someone collaborative or outgoing, maybe….a dog lover?  


Making sure you’re compatible and have shared interests is crucial for the relationship to progress. And once you find what might be the one, you’ll feel that spark! Now to reach out – keep it cool, calm and collected.  



Step 3 – Date/Interview No.1 


So, Date/Interview No.1. Scary, right?  


Of course not. As long as you’ve made an effort and done some solid research on that person or company beforehand (although we don’t condone stalking!) then you should be good to go. Don’t forget to prep some questions – it’s always good to ask about them too! 



Step 4 – Date/Interview No.2 


So, it’s getting serious now. You like each other, and you’re finding out the finer details. The pressure may be off slightly, but that doesn’t mean you drop your A game. Date/Interview No.2 is all about that connection, making sure you’re really ‘right’ for each other. You know more about them now (hopefully they are a dog lover!) and so this is all about personality and making sure that there is a natural cultural fit. Fingers crossed this goes well! 



Step 5 – Making it official…or finding out they’re not the one. 


You’ve been getting on really well and enjoying building up the relationship. It’s time to decide. Do they like you enough?! Are you officially ‘off the market’, ‘coupled-up’, ‘seeing-someone’…hired?! We hope so.  



Of course, the spark may not have been there entirely, and that’s okay!  It’s been a great learning experience, and you can take positives knowing that you’re well-versed in match-making for when you start the process again. 



If you’re looking to find your match made in job heaven, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today! We have fantastic roles from marketing jobs to creative, digital and agency opportunities.

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