29 Oct 2021

The traditional picture of a job seeker scouring a newspaper for the local job listings has by far become a thing of the past. And with the shock of COVID-19 causing the world to come to a halt, networking events, job fairs and face-to-face interviews came to a halt too.


Today, job seekers have swapped physical for digital - Instead of turning the pages, we’re scrolling through them. And with marketing jobs booming again, job boards have become a hotspot for new career opportunities – but are they effective?


What are job boards?


A job board is a website that allows companies to advertise roles they are recruiting for. Job boards can be great for reaching a large audience, with sites like TotalJobs and Reed in the driving seat. Some sites are even finding new ways to recruit, such as Indeed’s new venture ‘Indeed Flex’ – a site for flexible, instant shifts. These boards advertise a vast number of jobs, but there are also more ‘niche’ job sites that recruit by industry. Take marketing for example - The Drum, Campaign Live and Guardian Jobs are all great examples of job boards that recruit for the marketing industry, from social media, PR and advertising to graphic design and market research.


Are job boards worthwhile?


Yes and no. They are a great place to find jobs, but the candidate experience has become increasingly faceless. Although many job boards do allow you to set up an account and upload your CV and details, with such a high volume of jobs on the sites at any one time, applications are frequently ignored or rejected without feedback. And in more recent years, particularly through COVID, social media has become a popular site for both networking and job searching, with major sites like LinkedIn leading the charge. For clients, recruiting via their own social media channels is an easier and cheaper way to advertise, whilst still gaining a similar reach to a job board. Even this small interaction between company and candidate offers more than most job boards nowadays, which offers some explanation as to why job boards aren’t really the go-to place anymore.



So where do we come in? Why a recruitment agency?



  1. We do more than just recruit!


Most of our consultants are ex-marketers and can offer industry insight and tips that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. We offer help with CV’s and cover letters, support, and reassurance with interview prep and even advice on how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out!



  1. You’ll never get a huge job board calling about a job they think you’d be good for.


We give you the human response that a job board doesn’t give you. The benefit of candidates coming to us, is that we take the time to get to know them and what skills they can offer. And we care! We support candidates right through from application, to placement, and beyond. Candidates stored in our database are actively contacted about new roles and opportunities that match their skills and interests.



  1. We cut the faff for clients.


It’s tempting for clients to want to recruit themselves, but the interview process can be lengthy and time consuming if you don’t have the right resources. We can take that hassle away, and source candidates who are a perfect fit for the role.



How job seekers search for jobs is changing, and how companies recruit is also changing, but a recruitment agency like us is more relevant than ever. If you want help job seeking, then get in touch with us and register today. And if you’re a client hoping to recruit, then brief us now!

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