06 Sep 2021

The Agency world has always been an exciting place to be, and it’s busier than it’s ever been, but right now there is a real talent shortage and we’re in a candidate driven market like never before.


What’s happening currently, and why


We can only describe the current job climate as a ‘perfect storm’. The recent changes to IR35 legislation mean that marketing freelancers may have to change the way they work within an agency, and agencies must consider flexibility of hiring freelancers and potential financial impacts.  Of course, COVID-19 has also been a significant factor - The agency world, not usually known for remote work, has had to adapt to home/hybrid-working over the last 18 months. This report in the Drum showed candidates had reported that ‘round-the-clock demands have led to exhaustion, therapy and quitting an agency altogether’. COVID-19 has allowed Agencies to reflect and adapt to a more balanced and healthy work environment…but with a low ‘candidate-replenishment’ rate, the demand now is bigger than ever.


Why there is an opportunity for candidates


As we’ve mentioned, the agency world at present is a hugely candidate-driven market. And the good news is, there are loads of roles out there. You can only look at the agency roles we have live at any one time.


This means that as a candidate you can have more control over the salary you demand, working patterns, company support, and it is a great opportunity for progression.


Agency roles are slowly becoming more competitive with Client-side roles - because the demand is so high, salaries are competitive and steadily increasing, and benefits packages, with better pension schemes, are much more frequent.


For those already Agency-side, there are more jobs appearing, in every level, than people are aware of. Now is a great opportunity to move up into bigger and better opportunities, from Senior Account Manager to Account Director, or Marketing Executive to Marketing Manager. There are also possibilities to expand into new sectors, from digital to experiential for example.


For those wanting to make the transition to the Agency world, Clients are much more open-minded and willing to accept candidates with transferable skills and a background in a different sector or industry. If someone has the right attitude, you can teach them the skills they’ll need to succeed.


Recruiting the best talent


So how do Clients recruit and retain the best talent?


Keep the Culture – Company Culture is a huge factor in attracting candidates. Companies with good future prospects for their employees and a positive work environment create a better impression on prospective talent, and despite the current working-from-home climate, this is still possible. A recent LinkedIn article discusses how ‘company culture’ is still possible despite working remotely.


Being Flexible – Allowing employees to work in a way that suits their needs not only positively impacts company culture by building trust and values, but it helps employees engage with work and thrive in their roles.


Longer Contracts – Job security and financial stability, especially in recent times, has become a desirable asset in agency work. A longer contract allows employees to establish long-term goals and build relationships with clients.


Good candidates will have offers from multiple agencies so if you’re a client recruiting for agency candidates, don’t hang around! Being speedy in your recruitment process and responses to candidates is vital, particularly for freelance and contract appointments.


If you want to make the move to Agency, now is the time! Get in touch with us today to discuss your new role or check our website for a brilliant overview of our agency roles on offer right now. If you are looking to hire the best talent for your agency, Brief Us now. 

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