11 Nov 2022

It has begun. 

The time of year is upon us, when we sit firmly planted on the sofa during the ad breaks.

No snack runs or phone distractions…because the Christmas adverts are here.


We’ve had plenty of early contenders, and the infamous John Lewis tear-jerker has just landed, so all that’s left is the classic Coca-Cola truck. I've picked a selection of these Christmas Commercials to see who comes out on top. And of course, to make this slightly more exciting, we have Tom our Head of Marketing, and Lucia our Marketing Executive, who will give each advert a rating out of 10.


ASDA – Have your Elf a Merry Christmas by Havas London



Lucia: 9/10. They’ve scored a huge Christmas character; it feels very festive AND it’s all about recruitment?! A yes from us.

Tom: 9/10 - I'm deducting myself 1 point for being so thick I asked my girlfriend how the hell ASDA got Will Ferrell!


ALDI – Feast of Football by McCann (now there are actually 2 parts to this now, click here for the second installment, and let us know what you think!)



Lucia: 9/10. PeasyJet reference is very clever, the World Cup keeps it topical and THEN the cherry on the cake…the Home Alone reference to the fact they’re missing Kevin on the plane. Iconic.

Tom: 10/10 LOVE THIS - the reference via the music to the iconic old Nike advert is brilliant, as are the other little references to Home Alone etc. I'm glad they mention the world cup, without endorsing it.

TK Maxx – Christmas Nailed by Wieden+Kennedy London



Lucia: 6.5/10. I liked it, very upbeat, but I did feel like I was just watching people high-fiving each other for a minute without much context. Sorry TK Maxx!

Tom: 6/10 - Good tune and a bit of quirkiness to it, but overall nothing special for me.


Barbour – One of a Kind-ness by againstallodds



Lucia: Can I give this 100/10? Heart-warming, festive, and it’s Paddington Bear. Definitely my favourite, and I love the cartoon style, I feel like it gives it that extra special touch. 

Tom: 10/10 - Have to give this full marks, just for my Mum, who has a real Paddington Bear at home! A proper Christmas ad this, feel good and festive.


Boots - Joy For All by VMLY&R



Lucia: 7.5/10. I like the concept, and the fact that you know it’s Boots without being *too* in your face. I just wish they’d used Christmassy music!

Tom: 6.5/10 - I like the concept a lot, seeing Christmas through the eyes of Boots, clever, but not sure about the music choice.


Sainsbury’s – Once Upon a Pud by Wieden+Kennedy London



Lucia: 9.5/10. This is a refreshing take on a supermarket showing off their food selection for this Christmas. And the subtle orchestrated ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ in the background? Brilliant. Also, Alison Hammond is a national treasure so there really are no complaints.

Tom: 7/10 - It's fun isn't it, and who doesn't love Alison from GMTV? It feels like a good old-fashioned Christmas ad, so fair play.


Argos – ‘They’re coming. Be ready’ by The&Partnership



Lucia: 8/10. Love the drama and intensity. The ‘we’re gonna need a bigger bowl’ reference is also very clever – I like it.


Tom: 8.5/10. Like this, takes a different angle to the rest and plays on the traditional Christmas get together in the context of the last couple of Covid years. Funny, without being cheesy and let's face it, who hasn't got an emergency "something" from Argos for Christmas? 


John Lewis – The Beginner by adam&eveDDB 



Lucia: 9/10. It’s good. Tugs on the heartstrings and has a brilliant message behind it. I felt so proud when he caught his skateboard! You can’t knock a John Lewis advert.


Tom: 9.5 - It's hard not to think this advert is brilliant and as ever they know how to pull on your heart strings. A slight departure from some previous ones perhaps in that it is very much set in reality and about a real cause, which I think is fantastic. I just hope there is genuine support and movement for that cause behind the advert. Oh and I also secretly love All The Small Things by Blink 182 - so that's a win.


So there you have it, a great variety of Christmas ads this year from some fantastic agencies! Don't forget to let us know who you thought came out on top! 

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