21 Apr 2023

Welcome to our April Marketing Digest - where we pick out some of our favourite marketing campaigns we've seen over the course of the month!


Tesco celebrates the end of Ramadan


As we approach the end of the month, Tesco, working with BBH and EssenceMediaCom, have launched their next campaign ‘Alia’s ‘worth the wait’ samosas’. Building on their 'Together this Ramadan' work from 2022, this ad tells the story of a family getting ready for their Eid celebration, which marks the end of Ramadan. Alia challenges her son to watch for the new moon, as he knows once he spots it, Eid will be declared, and the family will start their celebrations. A spokesperson for Tesco said

'we worked closely with the Race and Ethnicity Network at Tesco'

to ensure that the representation of Ramadan and Eid was authentic. This mindful, but informative advert has been met with lots of praise!






As we start to edge closer to the summer months, P&O have launched their new OOH campaign with Publicis Media, showing jetsetters there is ‘another way to travel’. Billboards have been posted in St. Pancras train station claiming ‘On trains and planes you book a seat. On P&O, you book a ship’. Another cheeky message included ‘100 times more legroom than a first-class airline seat’, posted on a van outside Stansted Airport. These tongue-in-cheek messages were created to poke light fun at some other ways to travel, whilst also highlighting the benefits of travelling via ferry, and especially with P&O. The strategic placement of these ads in travel hubs around London is hilarious, and we can’t wait to see what St. Pancras and Stansted come back with!



'Bust'ing a move for Tango


Tango have smashed it out the park again with a fantastically funny ad. They’re working with a whole host of agencies on this one – notably VCCP, but they’ve also recruited Girl&Bear, Infused (Britvic’s in-house team), Whalar, Cirkle, MSix and Bloom. We all know Tango have always pushed themselves firmly outside the box with traditional fizzy drink advertising, and this ad is no exception. It shows police raiding a jam-packed ‘Tango Dark Berry Lab’, with one curious officer testing the fresh batch. You can’t hold back a smile whilst you watch PC Johnson uncontrollably throw some funky moves, to the sound of....silence and his squeaky glove. Hands down a 10/10. 




All pain with no gain


McCann London and Nurofen are working together to tackle the battle around the Gender Pain Gap, and so the next phase of the ‘See my Pain’ campaign has dropped. Nurofen reported that:


over half (56%) of women surveyed say they felt their pain was ignored or dismissed, compared to 49% of men¹.


In their ad campaign, pill bottles with ‘maybe you’re stressed’ or ‘it’s all in your head’ and packets with ‘it’s just wear and tear’ were cleverly distributed in medicine cabinets, bedside tables and window ledges. We are then told, these are all examples of dismissals told by HCP’s to vulnerable women seeking help and relief from their pain. We think this is a really eye-opening campaign, with some great research by Nurofen to stake their claims. 



¹ Reference 1, GPG Index Survey References Document, November 2022.



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