04 Jan 2021

Kraig Smith is our Head of Creative, Digital and Tech recruitment at Stopgap and has over 20 years’ experience in this area. Over the course of the last year, he has recorded a series of videos with various leaders within the Digital & Tech industry which we hope will provide a valuable online resource for the product and UX community.


Designed to act as a form of career mentoring and giving access to the thoughts on the industry from some of the leaders within the field they offer guidance for those either starting out or established practitioners navigating their way through covid-19 and beyond.


1. Alex Reekie - Head of UX/UI & Product at @WM Reply.


The first in the series just as Kraig joined the Stopgap team where he spoke to Head of UX/UI and Product at WM Reply, a digital workspace consultancy. 



2. Kainos during Covid-19 with Russell Sloan, Director of Digital Services


Focusing on how leaders within the tech industry have coped during the lockdown period of Covid-19 and how they have contributed to the Tech For Good movement. This video features an interview with Russell Sloan, Director of Digital Services at Kainos. Kainos is an award winning provider of Digital Services and platforms, providing digital transformation services for government and private sector. Kraig and Russell discuss Kainos' recent work with the NHS in delivering an online service supporting GP practices in the UK and how they are using their expertise in technology to contribute to the global effort to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.



3. Camila Diaz - Head of Product Design & Research @ Moonpig


Kraig speaks to Camila about her career journey to Head of Product Design & Research at Moonpig, including her experience with “imposter syndrome”, her coping strategies for interviewing and the work she has done in creating an online playbook detailing her mentoring work.



4. Ruth Guthoff-Recknagel - Head of Product @ Doctor Care Anywhere


In the fourth video of the series, Kraig speaks to Ruth about her career journey to Head of Product at Doctor Care Anywhere via Rate People to include her work as a mentor at Kickstart Global and advisor at MumShape and Mobile UX London.




5.  Rafael Franco - VP of Product at Influencer


Kraig discusses Rafael's rise to VP of Product at Influencer and his background in software engineering. Influencer is a global influencer and content marketing agency. 



6. Q&A with Edel McGrath, Partner & Group Head of Technology at Knight Frank.


The latest in the series is a must-watch for anyone following our career mentoring initiative or for anyone interested in interesting people. Edel has an incredibly intriguing career history having made the jump from KPMG to start-up to now overseeing a huge Digital Transformation programme at the UK's most successful Estate Agency, Knight Frank. We cover Covid, career advice and guidance as always and how Edel made the transition from secretary to CIO.




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