Our Values

What makes us different?

The how and the why of Stopgap.

We’ve specialised in placing great people in great marketing roles since 1993. We were the first recruitment team to focus on the diverse and dynamic world of marketing and digital.

But that’s not what makes us great.  It’s no longer what makes us different.

What makes us great – and different - is how and why we do what we do. Our values, our beliefs, our approach: these are what continue to set us apart from the wannabes. 

To make people happy and fulfilled in their careers today so that we’re inspired to do it again tomorrow.

Challenging the recruitment industry's reputation for bad practice and poor service, and determined to epitomise a company that truly looks after its staff, we work hard to do one simple thing: to make people happy and fulfilled in their careers today so that we’re inspired to do it again tomorrow.

And here’s how we do it; the values that we hold dear:

  • Human Approach: Because people and their relationships are at the heart of what we do. We all have emotions. We are interested, we listen and we understand.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Because we appreciate each other’s contributions and abilities whether we are working with a client to fill a role, working with a candidate to find their ideal position or working with each other to share knowledge.
  • Daringly Different: Because we are proud to take chances in order to help change peoples’ lives and businesses for the better. Our personal touch is at the heart of our business and stands us apart from our competitors. We are adaptable and dynamic.
  • Expertly Informed: Because everything we do comes from a position of experience and insight. Our long history in the industry affords us respect and permission to challenge the status quo. We naturally want to learn, to be able to do the best for our customers.

These core values are what we believe makes all the difference to everyone we work with. 

"Candidate or employer: when you’re happy, we’re happy!"

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