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We placed the Head of Marketing at a leading estate agency and she subsequently called us on a Wednesday to say she had some very challenging, time critical projects that needed to be worked on immediately and needed a freelance project manager to start as soon as possible.

What did we do too fill the brief?

Given the short period of time we had to work with, and knowing that we had an existing pool of available candidates, we decided not to advertise the role. Our understanding of the industry and the type of role that the client was recruiting enabled us to really grasp what they were looking for and what they needed for us.  A database search found 3 suitable candidates, narrowed down to 2 following telephone interviews.  Both the candidates sent to the client were interviewed the next day.


Timing was the biggest challenge with the phone briefing on a Wednesday and need for someone to start ideally the following Monday.  

What was the result?

The client offered the contract to one of the candidates from the interview and she started 2 days later.

Within 36 hours the contract was filled and the project manager started the following Monday. She was a skilled project manager and a perfect cultural fit. A very successful placement.
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