Hi I'm Sally,

It’s my job to meet and greet our visitors, giving them a warm Stopgap welcome and making them feel at home.

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My area of expertise

I have worked for several fabulous retailers including Laura Ashley and Mappin and Webb.

After studying History at Kent University many moons ago, I embarked on a career in customer service and retail management.  I also worked for Selfridges on Oxford Street as an Assistant Buyer for several years, back in the days before computers took over the world. My colleagues and I were responsible for spending vast budgets by filling out forms in triplicate and then tapping away on calculators to try and balance the books!  Not bad for a girl who managed to get through school without passing her maths o’level!

A little more about me...

My husband and I have been together for 20 years and share a passion for the great outdoors. We are never happier than when we get the opportunity to pull on our boots and a rucksack to set off on a yomp through the countryside, watching birds and wildlife. My finest memory is sharing a walk in the Lake District with a Golden Eagle, soaring through the skies alongside us. Magnificent! We spent our honeymoon learning to sail, which we still enjoy when we can and I also try to spend time pottering in our garden, encouraging things to grow. When I’m not out and about I may well be found either with my nose in a book somewhere quiet or in a corner playing my guitar, hoping nobody can hear me!

The fact that I joined Stopgap to fill in for a few months 11 years ago probably speaks for itself!


"When I’m not wandering the countryside"

These days you just might find me with a paintbrush in my hand, peering at a flower. I have recently taken up botanical painting with either watercolour or graphite pencils, and it is becoming something of an obsession!

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