Hi I'm Paulo,

I work as the Head of Systems & Operations, where I develop Stopgap’s technology to match the ever-changing needs of our business, as well as project managing new business initiatives.

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My area of expertise

I have been at Stopgap since 1998, when I joined the Finance department as a Credit Controller.

Over the next eight years, I worked my way up to Finance Manager before deciding to take a slight career change and becoming Stopgap's Business Intelligence Manager, allowing me to play a fundamental role in strategic planning as well as managing and developing Stopgap's unique bespoke recruitment database system. 

A little more about me...

I enjoy spending as much time with my lovely family as possible, especially my 6 year old boy. I enjoy travelling, working with charities, exercising when I get the chance, catching up with friends and family, technology shows and my favourite snack is bananas with cheddar cheese!


"The Stopgap Family is the great compass that guides us to making a positive difference to everyone who works with us. We inspire each other to reach great heights, and comfort each other when we occasionally falter."


"I’ve also recently started to learn to play the guitar."


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