Hi I'm Paul,

I’m the Office Manager for the Stopgap Group, taking care of whatever we need to work and play together in our positively rewarding environment. I’m also charged with taking care of the pounds and the pennies and making sure what we bill out comes back in.

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My area of expertise

I am an expert in Provencal wines made from organic vines.

A little more about me...

I try and lead a healthy life.  I advocate and live an organic, vegan diet and I can run a half marathon under 1hr 40m. When I’m not trying to prove the power of plants, I hit the gym in my lunch hour and devote my evenings to my two Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I’ve been a self-confessed fashion victim for the last 20 years with no sign of recovery and I devotedly follow every new fad on the planet. I especially like things that are consciously made and greenfully designed. For a healthy mind I adopt a Taoist approach to life, which counterpoints the challenges of work. This year I don’t need to be better, I want to just be.

Life responds to deserve and not to need.  It doesn’t say, “If you need, you will reap.”  It says, “If you plant, you will reap.”  The guy says, “I really need to reap.”  Then you really need to plant.


"I married the same person twice!".

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